and the Google™ SOAP API Key

You need a Google™ SOAP API Key ( Google™ Web Search API Key ) to use to check how your domain ranks in Google™. As of the 5th of December 2006, Google™ stopped issuing new SOAP API Keys. Please don't send any questions regarding this issue as we will not be able to answer them. For further information please read the official statement on the SOAP API page.

Current holders of Google™ SOAP API Keys may continue to use without any disturbance.


Q: I am a new user and don't have an API Key yet. Can you still generate a new Google™ Web Search API key for me?
A: No. The SOAP API program support is now limited to the system working with the existing keys.

Q: But how will I use then?
A: Currently you can only use our services with a valid SOAP API key. In other words, if you're a new user, you can't.

Q: Can I use with my Google AJAX / Maps / News / Toolbar / Data / AdWords (... insert any current program ) API key ?
A: No.

Q: But I have lost my Google API key months ago. I can't remember it. Can you tell me what it was?
A: No. Technically speaking, the site never did remember your API Key. If it showed up on our website, it was stored in a cookie on your computer.

General Information for SOAP API Key holders

Q: What does a Key look like?
A: The Key is a long sequence of alphanumeric and special characters and should look something like this:

Bec9suZQFHJRuLXv/Jj5A7FSoEu87Avm ( this is a dummy, an example key which does NOT work )

Q: I just know I have a SOAP API Key somewhere, but I can't remember it.
A: Check the email(s) of the Google™ Account you could have used when signing up for the SOAP API Key.

Q: I know what account I used, but I must have deleted my old mails, and lost the Key.
A: Sorry but the re-sending of the Keys was tied to the SOAP API being shown in your Google Account. If it's still listed as one of your services, you may request it to be re-sent. Otherwise we can't help you.

For any further information you may want to browse the Google™ Search API - original documentation. Please note that the information is now obsolete.

16th of January, 2007.

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