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" Impatient robot "

Your website may look easy to comprehend on the outsite, Still, it looks like this on the inside.

And search engine bots that index your page don't care about aesthetics.

The more user friendly your web page editor was, the less your attention your designer paid to details, the more convenient shortcut your programmer made, the code that the bot sees becomes overwhelmed with garbage.

The keywords your business aimed for need to be easy to find not only for people, but for the robot that tries hard to index your page as well. And this robot is quite an impatient one.

Professional designers will know the significance of using the proper keywords at the proper places, in the proper context, and the proper number of times, thus optimizing your web pages not just for humans...

But also for the program that will decide the fate of your on-line business.

"Googlefriendly = ... "

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