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I don't have a Google SOAP API Key. What can I do?
Goolge Inc. has discontinued the handout of Google SOAP API Keys. In case you do not have one from before, you may not use our service either. Please don't try to use other Google API Keys ( such as AJAX API, AdWords API, MAPS API... etc. ) as they will not work.

According to Googlerankings my site is ranked 10th in Google but when I go and check Google manually my site is ranked 7th. Is your tool inaccurate?
Our tool is 100% accurate as it tells you what it receives from the Google API service. The reason why there may be differences is because rankings that you get in your browser are already customized to your language and country settings whereas the Google API service which we are getting rankings from is not affected by such settings.

Can you add an option to check rankings in a local version of Google (, etc)?
Unfortunately this cannot be done using the Google API service. It would be possible to do it by running HTTP queries on the selected Google mirror but that would be against the Google TOS which is a no no.

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